Supported features in StoreGalaxy

Supported features in StoreGalaxy

Promote your products

The platform offers the ability to set special prices based on different criteria. Your customers can benefit from the special discount vouchers. To present and promote new offers, create your own promo banners and pages.

To get maximum benefit from your online store – add tags and keywords to each product, share your products in social networks, encourage your customers to share their impressions of the products.

The Internet shop is a basic SEO to be detected easily by search engines. The tools in the Administrative Panel will help you to develop this process and to increase site visitors.

Hosting and support

The information of your online is hostyed in a modern high-tech data center. Thus, in addition to reliability and security at the highest level, we guarantee the speed of operations in your store and at the same time, constantly improve and build mechanisms for Internet security.

Our team of professionals is always available to accept and answer your questions. To have no difficulties in the process of using our services.

Free design, optimized for e-commerce

StoreGalaxy offers you a set of free themes, entirely designed for the needs of e-commerce. Each one of the themes is based on successful practices for responsive and user-friendly design. Explore and find your favourite design in the demo section.

You can achieve an impressive look by changing the color schemes, backgrounds, icons, banners, background images, logo and etc. The platform provides the ability to organize information and visual content, choosing the colors of the links and buttons, as well as options for the type of menu.

Start your online store free for 30 days trial period. To start your own store, select the appropriate domain name and design. We will send you the access to the administration panel where you can manage easily your products.

Online Store – why you need it?

Online Store – why you need it?

Online presence of the business is no longer a luxury

There are over 80% users on the Internet daily. Demand for products electronically is more convenient and fast, and the prices shall be compared easily. If you still are considering options to make your online store, your competitors already processed their orders and build a name on the Internet.

A good salesperson is always there when potential customers look. The electronic shop is your online business card.

Start your own Online Store

Developing an online store requires a lot of time and resources. Initially, you need to select a domain and hosting (a place to store all the information of the store). Then hire a qualified programmer or company to build the structure of the Internet shop. They will create an Administrative Panel, from where you will need to enter the products and subsequently update them. This is the vremeemkiâ process, and at the same time, of the utmost importance.

Unlike many other e-commerce platforms, StoreGalaxy provides you with full control over your products and flexible options for managing them. You can quickly and easily add new products in the store along with their specifications, images, pricing and categories.